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I am Shelby LeCoq and the owner of Baking on the Bayou here in Ventress, Louisiana. I am a southern girl with a deep love for all things cake. I started my career at age seventeen while in high school. Since then, my business has grown so much. It takes hard work to do this at such a young age, but it has allowed me to blossom and experience things that not everyone gets to experience on the daily. I opened a “made-to-order” shop on the bayou in south Louisiana in November, 2015. Its a spacious 1,000 square foot kitchen equipped with countless pastry tools needed to create amazing cakes. My goal for each cake is to create them with quality and aim for the taste to blow you out of the water (swamp water that is).  I am quite the perfectionist so I can assure you that you will receive a beautiful and artistic masterpiece that is scrumptious as well. I work with countless numbers of family members who pour their hearts into the business to create a memorable experience for each and every one of our customer no matter the task-large or small. Emily Cook, a student at Louisiana State University, is our wonderful baker. She slings out the cake batter! I am lucky to have a great amount of support from the start of my business until now. I can assure you that the hours from your first email until the cake slice has met your fork, are put in to make your cake as special to you as for us! We hope you get the chance to try one of our creations and that your experience along the way is “super sweet” and nothing shy of amazing. 



13797 Ventress Road 

Ventress, La. 70783


Tuesday-Saturday: 8:00-5:00

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